Pre-holiday syndrome: What it is and how to fight it

Image result for holiday“Nobody needs more vacations than the one that just had them.” Elbert Hubbard  

You’ve been waiting all year for this moment, you were the first in your department to ask for the dates; maybe even the first of the company And you have invested more time in planning the holidays than your wedding ! What if beach or mountain, what if hotel or apartment, what if July or August …

You have everything ready, you really wanted it but … you’re starting to feel overwhelmed now that the time is approaching and of course, you ask yourself, am I strange? Would I rather be working than to go on vacation? The truth is that if it serves as a consolation, these thoughts are quite common, and have long since a name: pre-holiday syndrome . Some say that like so many syndromes is something invented with the desire to name everything. It does not matter, with name or without it, the sensation is real and very common.

Why it happens?

There are people who are overwhelmed because they have no partner, friends or loved ones with whom to enjoy the holidays; others, on the other hand, think that there will be too many days with the family and it overwhelms them to spend 24 hours a day with their family. There are also those who can not disconnect from work, especially if they are self-employed or have their own business. And there are also people who simply can not afford a vacation outside their place of residence and are frustrated with wasting their days off at home.

There are many reasons, but what can you do to avoid pre-holiday syndrome or at least cope with it? Take advantage of the countdown for your holidays and put these tips into practice:

How to combat pre-holiday syndrome:

  • Do not set your expectations too high: Think of simply enjoying what is coming and living day to day.
  • Plan what is necessary : Do not leave for the last moment the reservation of flights, hotels and transports; especially if not having it closed will generate more nerves.
  • Do not move the stress of the rest of the year to holidays . In summer there is no hurry to get to school or the office, we can relax a bit the rules and schedules.
  • If you can not go anywhere this year, look for activities in your place of residence . There is always something you want to do or places you want to visit, but during the year you do not have time. Now is the ideal time! In addition, everything will be less crowded of people.
  • If you go to an apartment, the whole family should be aware that ALL should work together making beds, cooking, setting the table … so, the housework will be done faster and you can enjoy leisure time together.
  • Organize the work with time to leave as little as possible and delegate what is necessary in an organized manner.
  • If you have pets that can not travel , talk to someone you trust on time to take care of them or hire a pet hotel.


Ensure your well-being and that of yours

Many people consider hiring a travel or health insurance that covers them during their vacations. This is a good measure to enjoy more tranquility, since you can not understand the “what would happen if …”.

But if you make sure when you’re traveling, why not do it when you’re at home? Hiring life insurance when you have dependents guarantees that you will not miss anything, no matter what happens and when it happens.